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Faktor Natur Consulting is a consultancy firm in environmental valuation and policy analysis at the interface between science and decision-making. As environmental economists we are interested in integrating environmental as well as economic factors in land use decisions. We have experience in the following fields: Land use & ecosystem services, water scarcity & floods, biodiversity & renewable energies, conservation financing.

Our expertise involves analysis, research, education and training for various stakeholders across public, private and voluntary sectors including governments, private firms and environmental organisations.

What we do:

  • Policy advice and decision support when both economic and environmental issues are at stake.
  • Economic valuation with monetary, quantitative or qualitative approaches.
  • Analysis and design of policy instruments and decision rules for nature conservation.
  • TEEB studies: Demonstrating the value of nature and its services for environmental conflict solution.
  • Tailored concepts for knowledge transfer in the environmental / economic realm.
  • Accompanying research and support in writing project proposals.

Who for:

All who are concerned with environmental issues (voluntarily or involuntarily):

  • Decision-makers including elected representatives,, public sector managers and private business
  • National and international authorities
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Associations
  • Research institutes
  • Land Managers including those with a remit to manage or protect nature